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Our Mission

Restore Salon Services offers professional hairstyling to those unable to visit a salon, enhancing confidence and self-care during challenging times. We bring the transformative power of hair services directly to homes, hospitals, and other locations, aiming to empower and heal individuals and their circle of care.


Who We Are

Restore Salon Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in Philadelphia, PA, in 2022. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and their circle of care who cannot access traditional salon services due to medical conditions, disabilities, or displacement. Our services extend to not only the individuals receiving care but also their circle of care. We have licensed cosmetologists who can visit various locations, including homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, and more, ensuring everyone has access to the empowering experience of professional hairstyling. In our dedication to those we serve, we proudly provide our hair services at no charge to those we serve, bringing beauty, confidence, and a sense of normalcy to challenging circumstances.

We are trying to build a village and RESTORE some power to as many of these people as we can. We can’t do this without your help and support.

- Richard Cornish, Founder & President




Where We Started

Richard Cornish, the Founder and Executive Director of our organization, recognized the crucial need for haircare services for children, their families, and caregivers who are hospitalized or unable to visit a salon. Drawn to the potential for making a difference, Richard became involved with the Volunteer Services Department at CHOP. There, he collaborated with Stefanie Groff, the visionary who developed the role and facilitated the hiring of the first stylist for one of the nation's leading hospitals. Under the guidance of Amy Moore, the program flourished, securing a significant donation from the CEO's discretionary funds, a testament to its impact and value.


Through our transformative work at CHOP, the concept for Restore Salon Services was conceived, evolving into an organization dedicated to extending salon services beyond hospital walls to homes, rehabilitation centers, and more, catering to all individuals that are unable to visit a salon. This initiative was born from the recognition of the significant impact that compassionate and affirming haircare services can offer, empowering those in vulnerable situations and promoting self-love and healing to not only the individuals receiving care, but their circle of care as well. By broadening our reach, Restore Salon Services aims to uplift and restore a sense of normalcy and dignity to individuals and their circles of care, regardless of their location at no cost.


We provide cuts and styling services for all hair types and textures, starting at infancy.

Teens & Adults

We offer haircuts, styling, blow-outs, up-dos, and buzz cuts for all hair types and textures.

Gender Affirming

We create confidence-boosting looks for transitioning persons, including styling, cuts, wig
styling, and barber services.


We offer caregivers of any gender a break by giving them quality cuts, washes, blow-outs, and
barber services.

Who We Serve


What Caregivers Think

"The services you provide have been foundational in
making her transformation a success. If she is not learning how to look like a woman, feeling like a woman won't be enough. You make that happen-and with great kindness, encouragement, and respect. Thank you!"

Mom of patient in Gender Clinic

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