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Restore Salon Services will visit any location - hospitals, rehabs, homes, WHEREVER you are, to provide salon services to individuals and their circle of care that cannot make it to a salon. We are here to RESTORE a sense of power to those we serve. We come to you, and since we are a non-profit, our services are provided at no charge.

Soft Dots

This service provides a sense of renewal and normalcy for the individual, no matter their age. A good simple haircut can help uplift and change the way you feel in every way.

Soft Dots

This service is for those that like their hair cut tight and super close. This service is usually performed with clippers - so don't be ticklish.

Soft Dots

This particular service is one that mostly serves our individuals with at least shoulder-length hair. This enriching self care service is one that promotes a healthy and stimulated scalp, as well as beautifully round brushed and styled hair.

Soft Dots

This service is one of recognition and empowerment of self. We are here to provide this population with affirmation haircuts, styles, and education on how to maintain, and grow your style into your own true reflection.

Soft Dots

The need for this service comes at a most frightening and challenging time for families. We are here to provide hair cutting services, guidance, support, education, and solutions for before, during, and after treatment.

Soft Dots

This is for those occasions when you want to feel empowered - proms, birthdays, graduations, etc. We also provide protective styles for hospital and rehab stays, as well as other medically related hair loss or hair growth issues.

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